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Quality marks

Kujalan tila oy

Good things from Finland

The Hyvää Suomesta label is a mark of origin for Finnish packaged food. It’s about Finnish raw materials and work. Since the Finnish name of the manufacturer or product, or the homely scenery on the packaging, does not always tell the truth about whether a food product is definitely Finnish, it is worth checking the packaging for the Hyvää Suomesta label. BRAND PROMISES FINNISH RAW MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP – Meat, fish, eggs and milk as such and as part of other foods are always 100% Finnish. – If the packaging contains only one type of raw material, it must be 100% Finnish. – In many products, 75-100% of the raw material is Finnish. – The final product is manufactured and packaged in Finland. The actual domestic content of raw materials is on average 95% of the quantity of the product. That’s a lot. For everyone, the use of Finnish raw materials in the manufacture of products is a value that we work for every day. The user of the Hyvää Suomesta logo must be a member of the Ruokatieto Yhdistys ry. Companies that use the Hyvää Suomesta label are monitored through inspection visits and continuous product monitoring.

Arctic Food Lab

– Arctic Food Lab is a programme that highlights the uniqueness of the raw materials and food traditions grown under the skies of Oulu, the European Capital of Culture, and northern Finland. We want to offer local and international guests an Arctic Food Lab experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Criteria: the product or dish is made in the Oulu2026 area, e.g. a food, a dish from a restaurant menu or a named apple. – The product or service is mainly produced using local raw materials from the region – The product contributes to the principles of sustainable and climate-friendly development at different stages of the production, packaging and distribution process. – The branded operator shares the Arctic Food Lab values: courage, fairness and responsibility – A branded product or service may be associated with a story – In addition to the brand name, the product packaging or menu can include a brief description of the Arctic Food Lab brand and the Nordic food culture.

Heart label

The heart label indicates that the product or food portion in question is a healthier alternative. By choosing Heart Label products, you can make small, health-friendly changes to your diet without having to read the labels or read the nutritional information. A heart label product is the healthier choice in its category. The Heart Label is awarded to products with a good quality of fat, i.e. soft, moderate levels of salt and sugar, and a good amount of fibre. The heart label scheme is based on product groups, of which there are more than 50 in total. Each product group has its own nutritional criteria, which address issues relevant to health and nutrition. The criteria are based on scientific nutrition knowledge, dietary recommendations and are continuously developed by an impartial group of experts as science and dietary choices evolve. The Heart Label is a registered EU nutrition claim and is the only symbol in Finland that indicates the nutritional quality of a product. The heart label is not printed on packaging by feel, but food manufacturers apply to an independent panel of experts for permission to use the label. You can get a licence if the product meets the criteria for your product group. Applying for the heart label is voluntary. There is a fee for the use of the heart label. The scheme is non-profit and contributions are used to maintain the scheme and to market the Sydänmerkki products. A food company cannot buy a brand for its product. You have to apply for the heart label and you can only get it if the product meets the nutritional criteria for your product group.

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