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Our meat races

Kujalan tila oy

At Kujala Farm we have the following breeds of cattle: Simmental, Hereford, Limousin and their crosses.


Origin: Switzerland, Simme Valley. Live weight: cows 700-950 kg, bulls 1200-1400 kg. Simmental is mainly divided into two types of dairy and meat producers. In Finland, simmentals are mainly of the meat-producing type. The colour of the animals is variegated white. The breed includes both horned and nubile animals. The Simmental is best suited to intensive feeding, but it is also a good grazer. Calves grow well, especially during the lactation period, thanks to the high milk production of the dams.


Origin: English, County Herefordshire. Live weight: cows 600-850 kg, bulls 1000-1300 kg. Herefords are reddish brown and typically have a white head, chest and underbelly. There are both horned and hornless lines of the breed. Originally a low, rounded Hereford, it has evolved into a tall North American type. The Hereford is a calm and hardy breed with good maternal qualities. The breed is also modest and makes excellent use of natural pastures and roughage.


Origin: France, Province of Limoges Live weight: cows 650-850 kg, bulls 1100-1300 kg The golden-yellow or brown limousin is a medium-sized flesh worm. In Finland, there are more horned lines than nubo lines in the breed. The Limousin is an efficient feed eater and does not fat easily, so it is well suited to intensive feeding. The best features of the breed are its good slaughter characteristics: slaughter percentage is 58-61% and slaughter grades are high.