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Most common questions

Lööki sauces have a ‘best-before’ date one year from production. Lööki sauces can be stored in the fridge when opened, until the ‘best-before’ date. Unopened product can be stored at room temperature.

Yes, it differs. Syrups have a best before date of two years from manufacture, unopened at room temperature. The syrups should be stored opened in the refrigerator, so they are best kept until the day before.

At the moment, we cannot send fresh natural pastured meat products by post. Enne can guarantee the unbroken cold chain. Natural pastured meat products are only available for pick-up or pre-ordered from REKO local food events in which we participate.

We try to deliver the packages to the post office within a week of the order at the latest. Normally, the packages will be shipped within two business days if the product is ready in our warehouse. It normally takes 1-3 business days for the post office to deliver the package.

Our postage is 5.90 euros per shipment. If you order products worth more than 50 euros, we do not charge postage at all. This price is inside of Finland. If you wan to order out side of Finland contact us with e-mail

You can also order products to a different address or to another person. You enter the delivery address for the recipient of the gift. Remember to also put the recipient’s e-mail address and phone number so that he will receive notifications of the arrival of the order.

You should primarily send us an email to the address You can contact us by phone for urgent matters and urgent questions. The phone numbers for Susanna and Timo can be found on the Contact page

We recycle packaging materials whenever possible. It is possible that you will receive the shipment in a cardboard box from another company that has come to us as packaging for the shipment arriving. We use newsprint as padding and filling in the boxes.

With these actions, we increase responsibility and recycling of packaging material.

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