Natural pasture meat from Kujala Farm

Our cows graze on Hailuoto’s seashore pastures during the summer, maintaining the diversity of endangered traditional biotopes – foxholes, meadows, wooded pastures and wood pastures – and preventing habitat loss. Nature Grazing Day was celebrated for the first time on 18.6.22, celebrating natural pastures and their caretakers – grazing animals.

Traditional biotopes are species-rich habitats shaped by traditional livestock farming. They provide a home for many different species of plants, butterflies and beetles, among others. With the decline of traditional grazing, these habitats are threatened by overgrazing. From the 1960s to the present day, more than 90% of traditional biotopes have already disappeared.

Animals grazing in natural pastures look after the remaining traditional biotopes. They provide habitats for many species and maintain important traditional landscapes. The grasslands are old seashore meadows that have been grazed since ancient times.

This traditional landscape management is a very important part of our farm and the work is very valuable for the environment. In fact, grazing in a natural environment is one of the few food production practices that improves biodiversity. For cattle, grazing is a natural and species-appropriate way of life, and it brings unique flavours from the shores of Hailuoto to Kujala’s meat.

The management of the traditional landscape has improved the recreational use of the pastures of the Kujala livestock, as the tall lake reed, or ryegrass, has given way to lower meadow grasses. Bird nesting will also be more successful. Similarly, the soil in grassland areas has become more load-bearing, and there is no longer any sinking silt.

We sell our organic pasture-raised meat directly from the farm and through our online shop, either fresh or frozen if you prefer. Organic pasture-raised meat is an ethical and environmentally beneficial choice for cooking.

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