Natural Pasture Days 18.6.2022

Cows at Kutukari pasture in Hailuoto

In June, we will celebrate the first ever National Natural Pasture Day at Kujala Farm! 18.6. celebrates natural pastures and their caretakers – grazing animals.

On Natural Pasture Day 18.6.22 Natural Pasture Meat Producers Association member farms will organise open door events on their farms all over Finland. Farms will have the opportunity to learn more about natural grazing and hear from experts about its effects. You can also participate on social media with the tag #naturalgrazingday

Mark the date in your diary today. Let’s make the world’s first Wild Grazing Day a memorable one together❣️

Natural Pasture Day is organised in cooperation with the Natural Pasture Meat Producers Association, the Finnish Wildlife and Game Management Foundation, WWF, Metsähallitus, Women’s Agriculture and Farming and ProAgria.The events will also feature the Women’s Agriculture and Farming campaign “Nature Deeds”. Our landscape and environmental experts are campaigning to promote biodiversity between 2022 and 2024.

For 2022, we chose the special theme of grazing and its importance for biodiversity, landscape and the overall well-being of the areas.


Time: 18.6.2022 at 11-16

Place: the Kujala farm, Pölläntie 137, Hailuoto

You can also visit the Pöllä pasture at 11.00-12.00 with Kalle Hellstöm

Kujala farm is located on the largest island in the Bothnian Sea, Hailuoto. The farm has about 100 suckler cows, which graze with their calves in the summers on Hailuoto’s seaside pastures. We sell organic pasture-raised meat directly from the farm. Fresh or frozen if you prefer.

Our direct sales range also includes sausages, preserves, barley and oat groats, oat flakes and ground oats, the production of which moved to the Kujala farm in summer 2014. Today, the farm also operates a Kujalanburger in the form of a vending truck.

Partners:Kujalan Tila, Oulu Women Farmers, Rantalaidun and Northern Landscape Pearls projectsTimetable to be announced later.

For more information, please contact Kalle Hellström, Landscape and Environment Specialist,, 043 825 5253 and Susanna Kujala, Managing Director,, 0400 230 614

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