Local food

We produce local food responsibly at Kujala Farm in Hailuoto. Advantages of our products: responsibly produced healthy local food, ecological alternative, high quality and domestic raw materials, small production and sales organisation, transparent operations.

Punch sauces

- WHITE FLOUR: The oldest basic product in this category, developed in In the early 1990s, to the Oulu Garlic Festival. The product can be used for example as a salad dressing, marinade and for frying. - TERVALÖÖKI: A tar-flavoured sauce. It is particularly suitable for use with fish dishes. - CHILILÖÖKI: A mildly chilli-flavoured sauce. A popular sauce between burgers and even on top of pizza. - GLUTEN-FREE CAKE: A gluten-free version of a white cake.

Artesania sauces

- BBQ sauce: a sauce suitable for marinating and between burgers. This sauce combines northern flavours: tar, cranberry and blackcurrant. - HABANERO sauce: for those who want spiciness and heat, a much stronger punch. Good for use as a sauce for wings and with chicken dishes, for example. - KEBAB sauce

Forest flavoured syrups

- HEALTHY: A sweet smoky sauce. Suitable for desserts, baking and cooking. Liquid tar ley. The taste of tar comes from genuine domestic tar. - PUOLUKKA: Suitable for desserts, baking and cooking. Lingonberry is a forest berry grown in Hailuoto. You can also use lingonberry syrup with game dishes. - HILLA: Suitable for desserts, baking and cooking. Local downy mildew is used for the production. - MUSTIKKA: Suitable for desserts, baking and cooking. Blueberry is a forest berry grown in Hailuoto. - KARPALO: Suitable for desserts, baking and cooking. Local cranberries are used for the production. Cranberry syrup can also be used with game dishes.

Cold pressed rapeseed oil

Our rapeseed oil, made from rapeseed grown in Hailuoto's nightless night, is a natural and healthy choice. Cold pressing preserves the valuable nutrients and authentic strawberry flavour of the rapeseed. Our high quality cold-pressed rapeseed oil is characterised by a soft nutty flavour, a beautiful golden yellow colour and a rich texture. The nutty taste comes from the rapeseed's own flavour. In other words, the rapeseed's own flavour is a bit like a nut or almond. As such, the oil is wonderful on almost any food or salad.We also use rapeseed oil in our burger kitchens to fry our country fries, where it adds a unique flavour. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is also a good addition to supplement your intake of essential fatty acids. Rapeseed oil is a nutritionally important source of vitamins E and K and essential fatty acids. According to the Finnish Nutrition Recommendations (Finnish Food Authority), a health-promoting diet includes vegetable oil and vegetable oil-based spreads. Rapeseed oil is particularly recommended as it contains n-3 fatty acids, the intake of which is often lower than recommended in Finland.

Bovine wild game tuna meat

We produce high quality natural pasture meat, our cattle graze in the summers on Hailuoto's seaside meadows and at the same time care for the valuable traditional landscape. Natural grazing is a natural and species-appropriate way of life for cattle, and it brings unique flavours from these ancient seaside meadows to Kujala Farm's beef. Organic pasture-raised meat is an ethical, environmentally beneficial choice for cooking. We raw-cure our organic pasture meat in our own refrigerator using solar energy whenever available. Kujala's beef range includes fillets, roasts, entrecôte and the very popular minced beef.

Beef journals

Kujala's Spicy Canned Meat in Sauce: a tasty canned beef and beef jerky with sauce - Canned beef from the old days: a really tasty and firm canned beef in the style of the old days - Jerky: The jerky is made from raw roast beef from the Kujala Farm - Cheese Balkan: A really meaty Balkan sausage seasoned with real cheddar cheese - Barbecue sausage: a very meaty beef barbecue sausage, also with pork to add a softness to the taste - Sausage: beef sausage with a snap-on sausage

Ryyns and flakes

- a whole barley kernel: Use as porridge or as a side dish to a main course - broken ohrarynx: Use in barley stew or as a main course side dish instead of rice - oatmeal: use as porridge or in baking - kauraryyni: Use in particular as stove baking

Kujala Burger

TASTY LOCAL, HOME-GROWN FOOD - Kujala's Burger sells local food from a burger stand or a burger truck on the road. - Kujala's burger truck tours the farm for various events, from private weddings to corporate events, fairs and festivals. - The car can be ordered on the basis of a call for tenders, according to your wishes and needs, almost anywhere.

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