Kujala Farm’s local food themed gift packages now available

Kujala Farm’s Local Food FOOD PACKAGES are as follows:

– Kujalan HERKUT: white and chilli beech, cranberry syrup, rapeseed oil, jerky, old-fashioned canned beef and barley gruel
– Kujala’s CASTINGS: white, chilli and tar beans and rapeseed oil
– Kujala’s SIDES: bilberry, tar, blueberry and cranberry

These local food gift packages are ideal as corporate, staff and customer gifts, birthday and Christmas presents, or even as souvenirs when visiting.
All these gift packs are available to order online via www.kujalantila.fi/kauppa or for larger quantities you can request a quote by emailing myynti@kujalantila.fi.

Locally produced food is a responsible choice. It’s trendy to know where food comes from, who produced it and how. The definition of local food is ultimately very broad, but the route to the table is always as short as possible. Transparency is an absolute asset of locally produced food. By choosing local food, you know what you are eating, support the small producer and enjoy the freshest possible produce. It is also good for the environment, as food does not have to be transported long distances and emissions are reduced. The importance of local food is becoming even more important, and it is not a passing trend.

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