Kujala Farm participates in Kauhajoki Food Fair 2.-4.9.2022

At the Kauhajoki Food Fair in Hämes-Havuse you can taste Finnish delicacies, meet producers and acquaintances, and experience with all your senses. In the courtyard of a magnificent farmhouse, the red-brick buildings with their enclosures and the exhibition tents with their stands offer an excellent taste journey into the world of locally produced delicacies. More information at ruokamessut.fi

Kujala’s farm products (including natural pasture-raised beef, cured beef sauces and forest flavoured syrups) are on sale in Barn 22 and our local food Kujala Burger and country fries are on sale in the courtyard. Welcome to discover and enjoy our delicious Arctic Food Lab-branded local food! You can also order our products online at www.kujalantila.fi/kauppa

Learn more about our farm activities:

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