Hailuoto Fly-In and family aviation day on Saturday 27.8. 9 – 16 at Hailuoto airport, with Kujala Burger and Kujala Farm and their products

The highlight of the summer 2022 aviation events will be the Hailuoto Fly-In and Family Aviation Day on Saturday 27 August. 9 – 16 at Hailuoto Airport The aim of the event is to familiarise people of all ages with different aviation disciplines and their hobby – perhaps also with a view to their future careers.

The programme includes:
– general admission from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (price €75 and payment by card or cash)
– introduction to aviation
– face painting for children and child lovers
– Kujala Burger’s burgers and country fries and local food on sale. Coffee and tea with ice cream and forest flavoured syrups will also be served.
– lottery

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