Audience Favorite – Honorary Diploma for Kujala Farm

14.2. Arctic Food Lab goes Valentine ‘s Day event was held in Oulu, Finland, where we received the POPULAR FAVOURITE award. The reasoning behind this was that this company has captured the hearts of customers and has made a strong contribution to promoting the Arctic Food Lab brand. The award for Newcomer of the Year went to Vanhatie Restaurant and the award for Local Food Advocate of the Year went to Päivi Kaukua from Yrttiaitta Saarenno.

So this honour goes to you, dear customers. Together we have come this far and we intend to continue on the same path of speaking up and doing things for and for LÄHIRUOA that take the environment and animal welfare into account. We already have tasty and versatile local food products on offer, but let’s work together with our customers to develop them even further. Let’s hear your ideas, suggestions and wishes.

Thanks also to the Arctic Food Lab and Oulu2926 teams and the Oulu Women in Agriculture and Home Economics for the great cooperation and for speaking up for local food, which is also a matter close to our hearts here at Kujala Farm.

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