Arctic Foodlab Oulu 2026

Kujalan Tila is part of the Arctic Food Lab programme, which highlights the uniqueness of the raw materials and food traditions grown under the skies of Oulu, the European Capital of Culture, and northern Finland. Arctic Food Lab brings together gastronomy and food culture actors in the Oulu region and celebrates northern food and gastronomy. Food is not just about nourishment, it is about creating experiences and showing hospitality. The Arctic Food Lab creates images of pure Arctic nature and the raw materials grown there, processed with local know-how into high-quality products and services. Local food supports sustainable development and climate objectives.

Kujalan Tila is involved with the following products:

  • Kujala Burger
  • Flavoured syrups (tar, blueberry, lingonberry, cranberry and bilberry)
  • Punch sauces (white, chilli, tar, gluten-free, habanero)
  • Beef from natural pasture.

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